Pediatric Urgent Care

It’s 7:00 pm. Your teenager falls off his skateboard and hurts his wrist. Should you ice it? Or visit us for an x-ray?  It’s 4:00 pm and your toddler begins crying and tugging at her ear. You can’t make it to the pediatrician before they close. Should you wait and make an appointment in the morning? Or visit us now and get her ear checked?

Why Wait for Healthcare When You Need It?

No parent likes to see his or her child suffer. At Family Urgent Care PLUS, you don’t have to. We’re here for you when you need us – right in the heart of Frisco – from 8am to 8pm Monday – Saturday and 12pm – 8pm on Sundays, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We’re available after hours, when you’re primary care physician’s office may be closed and Emergency Rooms at major hospitals are at their busiest. Your child will receive comprehensive medical care – from all types of pediatric illnesses, like ear infections, allergies, eye infections and more — to fractures, sprains and injuries, too.

Any unscheduled visit to the doctor is considered Urgent Care. At Family Urgent Care PLUS, we understand your time is valuable. Our top priority is to take care of you and your family as quickly as possible. We make visiting our Urgent Care easy: Just come by and see us 8am to 8pm Monday – Saturday and 12pm – 8pm on Sundays and you’ll be seen quickly and on your way to feeling better in no time. Get directions to our Frisco location here.

Common problems we care for:

·  Ear infections

·  Skin infections

·  Sore throat

·  Allergic reactions

·  Rashes

·  Cough

·  Pink eye

·  Vomiting

·  Sprains

·  Broken bones

·  Asthma

·  Abdominal pain

·  Fever

·  Gastroenteritis

·  Sinus infections

·  And many more

Walk-ins welcome!

Personalized care • Friendly, caring staff