Adult Urgent Care

Every adult gets sick or hurt from time to time. It’s an inevitable fact of life. While health needs can happen less in adulthood than in childhood, you need a patient-oriented, state-of-the-art health center to be there when you need help. Not feeling well but can’t get in to see your primary care physician before work? Come by Family Urgent Care PLUS on your way to the office – with little to no wait, we will have you treated and on your way in no time. Feeling lousy at lunch? We’re conveniently located on Lebanon just off Legacy Drive. We don’t close at lunch time like some doctor’s offices! Our highly-trained, experienced medical team is here for your healthcare needs from 8am to 8pm Monday – Saturday and 12pm – 8pm on Sundays, 7 days a week.

We’ll quickly get you in and treated for illnesses such as: colds and flu; infections affecting throat, sinus, ears, eyes, urinary tract; and asthma and allergies. Plus, minor injuries such as: sprains, lacerations and stitches. In addition, we provide ongoing preventative health needs such as: vaccinations, wellness exams and physicals.

The PLUS Difference

Why go to an ordinary Urgent Care when you can get all the services you need in one, convenient location? Family Urgent Care PLUS has an on-site point of care lab (flu, strep, mono and urine testing, with the ability to send out for a wide range of other testing.

Remember, your children are our priority too. See Pediatric Urgent Care Services.

Common problems we care for:

· Ear infections

· Skin infections

· Sore throat

· Allergic reactions

· Rashes

· Cough

· Pink eye

· Vomiting

· Sprains

· Broken bones

· Asthma

· Abdominal pain

· Fever

· Gastroenteritis

· Sinus infections

· And many more

Personalized care • Friendly, caring staff